OLC Elementary

  • Instructor: ofuq
  • Lectures: 14
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Students at this level can:

create simple greetings and name recognition, e.g. Hello. Hello, my name is….

able to write the letters and construct sentences

Learn how to compose paragraphs and make oneself much clearer via the written word by understanding the origins of Present and Past Simple.

Identify fundamental and easy terminology and be able to utilise it in ordinary phrases. These pupils will need to acquire more complicated terminology and how to confidently utilise it in both written and spoken English. Students at this level are likely to have acquired English in primary or middle school and have maintained some information, allowing them to get by on the street and participate in internet activities, but they struggle when conversations become more sophisticated.

Three months at Elementary will get students to confidently make a conversation with most native speakers and make themselves understood both written and spoken-wise on a simple level.


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