Professional Qualification Program for Teachers and lecturers

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OUFQ Academy in Malaysia has collaborated with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) to offer a high-quality program (Professional Qualification Program for Teachers and lecturers) to qualify professional teachers

This programme is a six month / one-year long professional qualification program. It is intended to meet the demands of those who have university degrees and wish to pursue a career as a teacher but lack any recognized qualification in the field of education.  According to the Malaysian Education Act of 1996, and as is the case in most countries throughout the world. No one may teach at an educational institution  unless they have obtained an educational certificate

In short, PQP enables prospective teachers to reach the status of a qualified teacher, allowing them to work in the educational area

This program is delivered through integrated learning, which includes face-to-face and online learning, which helps learners to access a variety of learning materials and resources

The programme is covering these areas: Curricula, Teaching and Learning theories and practices, Mentoring and Guiding, Educational Management, Educational Evaluation, Educational Psychology.

All of these courses are aimed to ensure that aspiring teachers will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to fulfil the learning needs and help refine the pedagogies requirements for 21st-century learners

Towards the end of this programme, learners will undergo a supervised teaching practice at selected schools or educational institutions (3 classes a week, 12 classes a month) . Training focuses on applying theories in the actual teaching and learning environment to let learners be more effective in classroom management

Overall, learners are expected to complete their 36 Credit hours within six months. Upon graduation, learners will be awarded the Professional Qualification Program for Teachers and lecturers

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