Educational Organizations Management System (EOMS) – Lead Implementer


The ISO 21001 Lead Implementer training course enables you to develop the necessary competencies to support an educational organization in planning, implementing, managing and maintaining a management system for educational organizations (EOMS) based on the requirements of ISO 21001. During this training course, you will explore the different components of an EOMS, including the EOMS policy and objectives, procedures, performance evaluation, management commitment, internal audit, management review and continual improvement.

  • Live Course 0/1

  • Introduction 0/3

  • Day One: Introduction to ISO 21001 and initiating the implementation of the EOMS 0/7

  • Day Two: Planning the implementation of EOMS 0/5

  • Day Three: Implementing ISO 21001:2018 EOMS (Part 1) 0/5

  • Day Four: Implementing ISO 21001:2018 EOMS (Part 2) 0/5

  • Day Five: Implementing ISO 21001:2018 EOMS (Part 3) 0/6

  • Day Six: Performance Evaluation 0/5

  • Day Seven: Improvement 0/5

  • Attachments 0/0

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- Assistant Professor of Quality Management and Excellence at Sudan University of Science& Technology. - IRCA QMS Lead Auditor, Principal Implementer and Trainer. - Principal Expert in Educational Organizations Management Systems (EOMS). - Trained and assisted organizations of all size and various industries to develop, implement and certify their QMS systems successfully. - Jude at ASQ International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) at USA - Registered Expert in Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) Management at the World Bank Group PPPs - EFQM Excellence Model Assessor and validator and Principal Expert - Member and Registered Consultant at the Royal Chartered Quality Institute (MCR)

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